A great mix of interactive, Art, Music and Creativity programs to engage students from Preschool to 8th grade. Use our art programs to teach about classic works of art and famous artists, or to make fun, creative projects right in the classroom. Our music programs offer a mix of instruction, yoga and movement, or just downright fun sing-along music videos.

Programs include:

  • Creative Projects
  • Fashion
  • Dance
  • Art History
  • Music Appreciation
  • Musical Instruments
  • Voice Training
  • Famous Figures

Kid Made Modern celebrates creativity and fun through a collaboration of art and traditional craft, founder and fashion design icon Todd Oldham gives step-by-step instructions on creative projects that can be done right in the classroom. Grades 4 - 6

A fun and whimsical introduction for young learners to some of the most famous painters and sculptors - from Vincent Van Gogh to Claude Monet to Edward Hopper. Inspiring kids to create their own masterpieces! Grades PK - 3rd

Wonderballs delights preschoolers through an exciting, non-verbal world of engaging art and music. The program builds on young children’s natural curiosity and motivation, opening learning through discovery and play with pro-social development. Grades PK - 2

Follow 10-year-old Martha Stewart and her besties as they take on a variety of simple crafts and cooking projects that kids can safely reproduce at home. From the cakes to crafts and everything in between. Grades K - 5

A great way to teach beginning students about instruments, as well as more advanced techniques. Great for supplementing your music lessons! Grades 4 - 8

Fitbound's dance team uses specific techniques so students learn to feel the rhythm of the music to find new ways to express themselves. We get kids moving, build creativity and style through contemporary hip-hop, West African, and Step movements. Grades K - 8

A great way to teach music, balance and mindfulness in the classroom! Bari Koral is a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator and her songs and activities for kids’ yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers every day. Grades PK - 3

The #1 music brand for kids...use these fun music videos to energize your class! Grades PK - 5


Adventure 2 Learning resources are specially designed for classroom use and flexibility, supporting a wide range of instructional purposes and needs, including:

  • Lesson Introductions & Supplements
  • Content Resource for Under-resourced Subjects and New Topics
  • Classroom “Brain Breaks”
  • Subject Transitions
  • Content for Kinesthetic and Non-Traditional Learners
  • Indoor PE & Recess Solutions
  • Before & After School Activities