Social Emotional Learning

Our social and emotional programs are curated to help today’s students create positive relationships both in and out of the classroom. All of our videos and supplemental materials will help teachers engage students in mindful perspective taking and instill valuable SEL lessons.

With downloadable educator and family wraparound materials, we invite a community-wide approach to ensure that our kids are safe, responsible, and mindful of their actions towards one another. Programs for grades Preschool through Middle School.

Bullying Prevention

Focused on upper elementary and middle school instruction, our educational videos and supporting materials concentrate on having students reflect on the power of their words and actions and how they are affecting others. Our video modules are supported by:

  • Teacher Guides
  • Student Discussion and Activity materials
  • Classroom posters to reinforce the message
  • Parent Guides
Sample Videos

Your Impact on Others


You Don't Have to be a Superhero to Have a Positive Impact

Mental Health

Helpful tools to engage students grade 6-8 in mental health discussions as it can sometimes be awkward or scary for them. Includes videos and information guides that can help foster productive conversations both teacher to student, and peer to peer, with a message of just by reaching out when you’re feeling down or when you see a friend struggling can make a huge difference. Featuring mental health stories and how they've made a difference from Billie Ellish, Markiplier, Liza Koshy, Tyler Posey, and so many more.

Sample Videos

Approaching Conversations


Mental Health Story from Markiplier


Want to bring Mindfulness into your classroom?

We have a mix of accredited educators and producers brining you the best video resources and classroom instruction on Mindfulness.

Students learn to be aware of their bodies and their emotions. Students have the inner resources to navigate mindfully through the ups and downs of life. They are able to meet the diverse demands of school: including academic, social, family, organizational, and leadership. Grades K-8th

Bari Koral is a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator and her songs and activities for kids’ yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers to relax their mind and body every day. Bari’s Mindfulness videos teach children how to calm themselves, focus attention and reduce anxiety. Grades PK - 8.

Yo Re Mi uses music and movement integrated with mindfulness to enhance physical literacy and learning for the littlest ones. Each short video encourages playful exploration of the body, creative thinking about shapes and space - building imagination while promoting whole-child wellness. Grades PK - 3.

A great way for Pre-K/K educators to teach the next generation how to have a mindful-mindset, cope with their emotions in a healthy way, think positively, appreciate what is good, and spread kindness and peace. Grades PK - 2


Our Preschool collection engages the youngest learners in social and emotional lessons though stories told from their own world, e.g. handling new situations, relationships with friends and family, overcoming challenges, positive thinking and doing what's right. Our programs encourge exploring their new and how to be a good citizen in it.