Outer Space | Venus | (13:16) | A2L

Outer Space | Venus | (13:16)

GIL, the computer, has a terrible crash and Mum calls a technician out to the Moonbase. But without a working computer, she can't get her work done so Cosmo suggests they take a vacation. After a misunderstanding, the whole family head to planet Venus, the hottest planet in the Solar System. But the weather on Venus soon takes a turn for the worse – heat, wind and even acid rain! Cosmo must help the family find some place to take shelter, all the while enjoying what she calls the best vacation ever!

Planet Cosmo

Experience fun adventures and amazing discoveries as Cosmo and her Dad blast off to explore the Solar System! During each adventure, Cosmo explores one of the eight planets of the Solar System! She identifies each and every planet and reveals something amazing about each one. With catchy fun songs about each planet, the world of astronomy will open up to children like never before!

We really love this as a way to introduce young learners about the universe and get them excited about the Solar System. Great for supplementing a lesson plan! COSMO also features a real live-action astronomer to tell children exactly what facts featured in the stories are real!

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