Outer Space | Dog Walk | (13:18) | A2L

Outer Space | Dog Walk | (13:18)

When dad is in charge of taking care of the Mission Controller's dog, he and Cosmo go to Uranus to take the dog for a space walk.

Planet Cosmo

Experience fun adventures and amazing discoveries as Cosmo and her Dad blast off to explore the Solar System! During each adventure, Cosmo explores one of the eight planets of the Solar System! She identifies each and every planet and reveals something amazing about each one. With catchy fun songs about each planet, the world of astronomy will open up to children like never before!

We really love this as a way to introduce young learners about the universe and get them excited about the Solar System. Great for supplementing a lesson plan! COSMO also features a real live-action astronomer to tell children exactly what facts featured in the stories are real!

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