Outback Asteroid Adventure Video | A2L

Adventure to Fitness | Outback Asteroid | (29:07)

Welcome adventurers! Today on Adventure to Fitness, we are headed down under to Australia to find a stolen aborigine stone, that some say came from outer space and has special powers. Your mission is to help Mr. Marc recover this relic before it falls into the wrong hands. Be swift, be safe, and be adventurers!

Adventure to Fitness

Adventure To Fitness is a series of interactive adventures that are streamed directly into the classroom as a physical activity supplement. Your kids will go on adventures around the world as they learn geography, history, science, math, health, nutrition, hygiene, safety and moreā€¦all while having a great time!  Each adventure comes with a Teacher and Parent Guides full of curriculum as well as games and activities to use while your kids after the adventure ends.

Mission: Inspiring kids to live healthier lifestyles through imagination, education and movement!

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