Let's Get Moving Morning Announcement | A2L

Adventure to Fitness | Let's Get Moving | Morning Announcement | (4:46)

We challenge YOU to "eat the rainbow", make a new friend, and get moving with our Dino Disaster adventure video this week. And a Mega Mode shout-out to all of our friends with Active Schools!

Adventure to Fitness

Adventure To Fitness is a series of interactive adventures that are streamed directly into the classroom as a physical activity supplement. Your kids will go on adventures around the world as they learn geography, history, science, math, health, nutrition, hygiene, safety and moreā€¦all while having a great time!  Each adventure comes with a Teacher and Parent Guides full of curriculum as well as games and activities to use while your kids after the adventure ends.

Mission: Inspiring kids to live healthier lifestyles through imagination, education and movement!

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