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Dance Classroom Activity | Greatness | (4:20)

Through specific techniques, students learn to feel the rhythm of the music to find new ways to express themselves. Dance Place gets kids moving, builds creativity and style through contemporary hip-hop, West African, and Step movements. 

Recommended Grade level: K-6

Physical Focus: Strength, stamina, coordination, rhythm, body awareness, flexibility

Psychological Focus: Concentration, creativity, social interaction and inclusion, patience

Educational Alignment: Kinesthetic memory, listening, problem solving, mental dexterity


Want to get your Ninja Warrior training on? Getting ready for a Spartan Race? Exercise bursts is the definitive approach to getting children active in the shortest amount of time. These live-action videos will engage kids in a fun way to provide physical activity across a number of genres: aerobic exercises, dance (contemporary hip-hop, West African, and step), martial arts, parkour, and yoga. Great for all grade levels!

Fitbound's goals are three fold:
1. Increase students fitness habits
2. Enhance their cognitive function on a daily basis
3. Create a cross-cultural bridge using exercise to promote unity and awareness

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