Preschool Science Video | Birds of a Feather | (7:10) | A2L

Preschool Science Video | Birds of a Feather | (7:10)

Brewster, Maggie & Ginger talk about all the things they have to keep them warm in the snow. They wonder 'How do birds keep warm in winter? Brewster takes them all to the Arctic where they meet Snowflake the snow owl.

Brewster the Rooster

Brewster and Maggie take young viewers on a journey of discovery to find out the answers to those curious questions kids have! They share the same enthusiasm for creative brainstorming and are both super inquisitive. They wear tap shoes but its their inimitable style of imagining possible answers to questions that makes them such a good team!

Whenever one of them ponders a question like “ If fish live in water, what do they drink?” Brewster and Maggie hold hands, do a little tap dance and open their imaginations. Through creative thinking, they come up with many possible solutions, always building on one another’s ideas. 

Great for Preschool through 1st grade

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