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Serengeti Stampede DVD

​In this episode of Adventure to Fitness we travel to the wild continent of Africa and to the vast Serengeti, where the world’s largest migratory herd has suddenly veered off course! Your mission is to help Mr. Marc steer millions of hooves back on track before these lost animals cause any trouble! Free Shipping! Expect 3-5 days for delivery in the US.

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Mr. Marc's Adventure Around the World DVD

Today is going to be very busy if we hope to keep up with all of Mr. Lazé’s antics! Join me as I travel the globe to keep him in check, following the path of wherever his trouble and poor habits might lead. We’ll journey to China to scale the Great Wall and keep Mr. Lazé from destroying all of China’s crops, then head to New York, where our villain has turned the "city that never sleeps" into a city of sleepy-heads! And finally, in a never-before-seen episode, we’ll head to the Serengeti Desert to steer a wild herd back on track. I’m going to be very busy, and I’ll need all of the help I can get from you, my fellow travelers. Be swift, be safe, be adventurers! Free Shipping! Expect 3-5 days for delivery in the US.

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